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Host Families/Teachers

Would you like to help foreign students improve their English language skills in a friendly home environment?

If you have a spare room in your house, you can be very well paid by accommodating and teaching English to foreign students.  Students normally stay from 1-3 weeks and can be any age from 12 years and upwards.  Last year, our youngest student was 14 years old and our oldest was 56.  Students can come from a variety of countries including Italy, Spain, France and Japan.

We are currently looking for highly educated hosts who have a university degree (any academic subject) or a teaching certificate or who are already in full-time employment and can teach during the holidays or who are working part-time or are retired and can teach on a flexible part/full-time basis.

Job Description

The high quality of our tutors and the professionalism they bring are a key part of our success. We find our host teachers from various different situations. You might be self-employed and working from home, or a teacher looking for extra work in the holidays, perhaps retired or a parent at home with children.


Some tutors choose to work all year round, others work only during school holidays. Once you have been accepted, you may choose when you want to work. You are free to accept or turn down each student you are offered, for any reason you like. We have a steady stream of students throughout the year, not just during August.

What does the post involve?

Having a student live with you (usually 1 - 3 weeks) during which time they will be treated as a member of your family and typically receive 15 hours per week formal English lessons, taught on a one-to-one basis. Normally, you will only have one student at a time (unless students opt for the two student programme). You will also provide 3 meals a day for the student. Sometimes the students opt for activities instead of lessons for some part of their course.

Requirements for Tutor Homes

You will have a well-maintained home in a good location with reasonable access to shops, buses, trains, library and other local facilities. You will have a bedroom for the student with bed, wardrobe and a chest of drawers. These are for the student's use and must not be filled up with family clutter.

Host Families - English & Farmstay - NEW!

We are now recruiting host families for our new English and Farmstay programme! With this programme, students stay with a host family and experience life on a real Irish farm, taking part in the farm activities and enjoying the home cooking, fresh air and beautiful countryside of Ireland.  With this programme, there are 2 options for the student to choose:

  • Farmstay 1: includes 10 hours of English lessons + full-board accommodation + 10 hours of farm activities
  • Farmstay 2: includes 10 hours of farm activities + full-board accommodation

For further information about this programme, go to the English & Farmstay Programme section.

Requirements for Host Family Farms

  • Small to medium sized, traditional Irish family farm where the student can get involved in a variety of farm activities.
  • Organic farms are particularly welcome.
  • A love of countryside and a willingness to provide a warm welcome to a foreign student.
  • For the Farmstay 1 programme, you will require a university degree (any academic subject) or a teaching certificate.
  • For Farmstay 2, as no English lessons are involved, no specific teaching qualifications are required.
  • Bookings for this programme tend to be during summer months.
  • We realise that some farmhouses are more traditional and rustic but we do require that accommodation is clean and comfortable.

If you would like additional information about becoming a host family, please complete the form below:

Host Family Application Form

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Dicono di noi

Marina, 14 anni, Perugia

Il mio insegnante mi ha sempre incoraggiata a parlare in inglese e questo mi ha aiutato molto. La famiglia era molto accogliente e mi sono sentita accolta.

Anna, 55 anni, Lecce

Sono molto soddisfatta della mia esperienza. Questo è il mio primo corso di lingua inglese all'estero, ma sono sicura che lo rifarò presto.